TBB Talent Academy

Team Bath Buccaneers Hockey Club was selected in 2022 to be one of the key centres for developing future stars of the international game. The club, which is based at the University of Bath, was subsequently granted Talent Academy Status and began in September 2022.

The TBBTA cycle will run from September - July each year will select and develop players in squads of 25-30 girls and 25-30 boys aged between 15 and 18 years old (school years 10,11,12 and 13). These players will come from schools, clubs and counties within our catchment area.

The TBBTA lead coaches and assistant coaches have been identified to bring a wealth of experience to deliver hockey including various specialist coaching. Coaches communicate using common language and work together to create a joined-up hockey programme for each player. Coaches and players provide regular feedback between each other via the PDSPro App.

Below is a brief outline of the TBBTA detailed information can be found on the links to the left or on the EH website.

TBBTA Catchment Area

Please click here to see if your club or school is within our catchment area

Assessments & Training

Assessments will take place on the 8th, 15th, 22nd September 2023. 7.00pm-9.00pm at The University of Bath. Nominated players will receive emails inviting them to attend them.

Training Days will be Friday Evenings at the University of Bath from October - June. All sessions can be found on the TA Calendar click on the link below.


Tournament dates are set by England Hockey and can be found on the squad pages once confirmed. Within our area we have Exeter TA, Reading TA, South Coast TA, Bristol TA.

The Talent Academy cycle culminates in the TA Festival at the end of July each year where 18 players from both squads will be selected to play.

TBBTA Open Assessment Events 2023-2024

In partnership with Spotters Hockey our open assessment for the 2024-2025 cycle dates and locations are:

20th December 2023, 10.00-15.00, Kingswood School

16th February 2024, 10.00-15.00, Kingswood School

5th April 2024, 10.00-15.00, Kingswood School

Once players have been nominated by coaches as per the detials below they will need to book onto the assessment events via Spotters Hockey - please click HERE.

For full nomination information please click on the Nomination Information Tab on the left.

Further Information on EH Talent System and DiSE

For all enquiries regarding the TA please contact the Administrator Jo McDermid


The Team Bath Buccaneers Talent Academy shall be led and administered by a committee consisting of:

The Talent Academy Committee shall be responsible for all aspects of the Talent Academy in line with the vision and purpose outlined by England Hockey Talent Team and shall meet 3 - 4 times a season.

Ian CordwellTBBTA Lead
Richard StarkeyTBBTA Treasurer
Christian MoodyTBBTA Girls Head Coach
Paul LiveseyTBBTA Boys Head Coach
Rich BendryGoal Keeper Coach


Ian CordwellTBBTA Lead
Paul LiveseyTBBTA Boys Head Coach
Christian MoodyTBBTA Girls Head Coach
Rich BendryGoal Keeper Coach
Kaya CampionAssistant Coach
oliver jamesonAssistant Coach
Giles WoodlandAssistant Coach
S("S") I
Sean ("Steve") IrwinAssistant Coach
Oakley Sparshott-ThompsonAssistant Coaches
Rory BrownAssistant Coach
Emily WastellS&C/Nutrition

Assessment Session Costs

Assessment Sessions will cost £45 per session. Players attending will be charged the session amount they are booked on for prior to the first session on Teamo.

Talent Academy Training Costs - 2023-2024

Those players who are invited to attend the TTBTA will be charged a training membership fee of £599.00 via Teamo. This will be split into 2 installments:

October 2023 - £299.50

January 2024 - £299.50

The TBBTA is able to offer Bursaries to players who may not be able to take part in the TA due to financial barriers. Please click on the document below for more information#

  • 1.8 TBBTA Bursary Application.docx

Tournament Costs

Players will be charged a tournament fee of £20.00 when they are selected for a fixture

Kit Cost

All kit costs can be found on the John Moore Sports Website below.

John Moore Sports in Bath will supply TA academy playing shirts, shorts/skorts and socks via their website or by phone. It is important you let them know that this is a TA shirt so that the TA logo can be added. If a player already has a TBBHC playing shirt you can have the TA logo added to your existing shirt for a small fee.

It is important that players try on the Y1 shirts for size as they cannot be returned once printed up.

The contact at JMS is Rob Moore.

Ian Cordwell - Lead Coach

Coaching Experience

  • Level 4 Coach - PGDiploma - Elite Coaching Practice - UCLAN.
  • Head Coach - University of Bath and Team Bath Buccaneers.
  • England U18 - Assistant coach.
  • EHB Performance Centre - Head Coach - Boys & Girls.
  • JRPC - Head Coach - Bristol Wessex Leopards.

Playing Experience

  • Team Bath Buccaneers - 1st team player.
  • County and Divisional representation.

Rich Bendry - Goalkeepers Head Coach

Coaching Experience

  • 2014-18 Assistant/Head Coach Firebrands HC Mens 1.
  • 2018-2020 TBBHC Mens 2s Coach.
  • 2019-2022 Wales O35s Assistant Coach .
  • 2020-Present Assistant Coach TBBHC Mens 1s.
  • 2023-Present TBBHC TA Lead GK Coach.

Playing Experience

  1. 1998-2012 TBBHC Mens 1s.
  2. 2018-2020 TBBHC Mens 2s Player Coach. 
  3. (2021-23Three games for Men’s 1s!!).
  4. 2016 - England O35s.
  5. 2018-2022 Wales O35s.

Paul Livesey - Boys Head Coach

Coaching Experience

  • Current Head of Hockey at King Edward's School Bath.
  • Bedford HC Ladies 1st Coach.

Playing Experience

  • Canterbury Hockey Club Premier Division.
  • Southgate Hockey Club Premier Division.
  • England O40s.

Christian Moody - Girls Head Coach

Coaching Experience

  • 5 years of coaching experience at club, university, pathway and full time school roles.
  • Current TBB Ladies 1st XI assistant coach.
  • Currently in Cohort 8 of H Advanced Coach Programme (Level 3) and completed Level 2 Coach Course.

Playing Experience

  • Currently University of Bath 2nd XI Captain.
  • Playing for TBBHC 2nd XI.
  • Played for Northwood Crusaders 1st XI in KZN Premier League in South Africa.

Rory Brown - Assistant Coach

Coaching Experience

  • HJB Youth Coach.
  • University of Bath Mixed Plate Champions | Coach 2021-22.
  • Boost Hockey Camps Youth Coach.

Playing Experience

  • Currently playing for the University of Bath 1st XI.
  • Played in the National League for Southgate and TBB.
  • Played at Performance Centre, been involved in NAGS assessments and was part of the England Hockey DiSE.

Kaya Campion - Assistant Coach

Coaching Experience

  • Held various coaching roles at school, club & university.
  • England Hockey level 1 certified coach.

Playing Experience

  • 3 cycles in Performance Centre.
  • 2 years in Reading HC Performance Squad.
  • Currently captaining Bath University 2nd XI & playing for TBBHC.

Sean Irwin - Assistant Coach

Coaching Experience

  • England Hockey Level 1 Certified Coach.
  • Coached various club teams from U9 through to U18.

Playing Experience

  • High-Performance squad for the Namibian Hockey team and played for Namibia U21.
  • Played provincial hockey in South Africa from U14 through to U18.
  • Playing for the University of Bath 2nd XI and TBBHC.

Oliver Jameson - Assistant Coach

Coaching Experience

  • Coached a variety of teams at school, club and university.
  • Level 1 qualified.

 Playing experience 

  • Currently playing 1st team university hockey in the BUCS premier league.
  • 3 years in the performance centre programme including selection for Futures Cup.
  • 3.5 years of national league experience.

Oakley Sparshott-Thompson - Assistant Coach

Coaching experience

  • Hockey coach at Monkton Combe School.
  • 2 years coaching for TBBHC U10 girls and U14 boys.
  • Hosted and organised hockey camps for children aged 7-13. 

Playing Experience

  • 5 cycles of performance centre. 
  • Represented Wessex leopards in Futures cup. 
  • Appearances for TBBHC and The University of Bath 1st team.

Giles Woodland - Assistant Coach

Coaching Experience

  • Coached at Club and School level for the past 5 years.

Playing Experience

  • Currently playing for the University of Bath 1st XI.
  • Played in the National League for Southgate and TBB.
  • Played at Performance Centre, been involved in NAGS assessments and was part of the England Hockey DiSE programme.
  • Talent Academy January 2023 Newsletter
  • TA Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Summary March 2023.pdf
  • TA Satisfaction Survey August 2023.pdf

The Podcast Picks

‘The Talent Equation’ where host Stuart Armstrong talks to Dr Paul Gamble about his latest book 'Sports Parenting: Negotiating the challenges of the youth sports journey to help kids thrive'. The conversation takes a dive into the world of talent pathways from the perspective of the parent. It is a fascinating listen and a great podcast to share with parents and coaches.

Joe’s work specialises in optimal human development, largely to understand how someone gets to, and stays at, the highest levels of performance. This means he works in the areas of skill acquisition, talent identification and athlete development. He has recently written a book called the Tyranny of Talent, which pokes and probes of the ideas of what talent is, how it is typically thought about, worked with and developed (or attempted to be developed) in many elite environments. What are the pitfalls, pivot point and priorities in supporting people all the way through their athletic, sporting and exercising journey.

Dr Cath Bishop talks in this latest CAL Podcast episode about mastery mindset and letting go of fixed short-term goals. A former international rower, diplomat and now leadership consultant Cath is used to high-performance environments and uses these experiences to provide her view on leadership, purpose and how to define one's role in the team. As an Olympic silver medallist, it is interesting to hear Cath's openness to talk about feelings of failure in sport and the mindset shift that allowed her to go on to achieve her goals.  

Sarina Wiegman: “I don’t care about making mistakes”

In this enlightening conversation, Sarina Wiegman offers a profound perspective on what it means to be a successful coach, leader, and advocate for women in football. This conversation was recorded at a sold out High Performance event in Sarina’s only UK appearance.

Talent Academies are intended for high potential players from u15 to u18 age groups (School Years 10, 11, 12 & 13).

Annual Talent Academy Process

TBBTA Open Assessment Events 2023-2024 for the 2024-2025 Cycle.

In partnership with Spotters Hockey our open assessment event dates and locations are:

20th December 2023, 10.00-15.00, Kingswood School

16th February 2024, 10.00-15.00, Kingswood School

5th April 2024, 10.00-15.00, Kingswood School

Once players have been nominated by coaches as per the detials below they will need to book onto the assessment events via Spotters Hockey - please click HERE

Nomination Process 

The nomination process is a 3-step automated process that will enable nominated players to access open assessment events within the Talent Academy catchment area that they reside in.

Step 1 – Talent Academy Open Assessment Events 

During an annual cycle each Talent Academy will add details of upcoming open assessment events via a separate form which populates a map. This map outlining Talent Academy identification events can be found within the external links section on the EH Website

Step 2 – Coach Nomination 

As with previous nomination processes, players need to be nominated by a coach / teacher from a school, club and or county hockey environment to attend an open assessment event. Coaches can nominate players by submitting the following form which takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. This will be set live on the EH Website

*All Talent Academies, including the three new ones, will reopen for nominations for the 2024-2025 cycle on 1st November 2023. Please read the full guidance for more information*

Please note Talent Academies are intended for high potential players who will be entering school years 10, 11, 12 and 13 at the start of the following annual cycle. Nominations are submitted with the understanding a player is being put forward, where successful, to join the Talent Academy squad for the following annual cycle. (Only in exceptional circumstances or where space allows will players identified access provision in the current annual cycle). 

Following a player being nominated, they will be automatically informed of their nomination and will receive an email inviting them to select an open assessment event. Primarily this will be an event located within the Talent Academy catchment area that their club resides in (if you are unsure of which catchment area you reside in, please refer to the Talent Academy Club Mapping resource within the external links section). If for geographical, logistical or personal circumstances a nominated player would like to attend an open assessment event in a different catchment area the player or parent are encouraged to contact talentacademy@englandhockey.co.uk to discuss.   

Once an open assessment event has been selected, this information will be provided to each Talent Academy to confirm which people have signed up to an open assessment event. From here Talent Academies will contact players who shall be attending regarding specific details for each open assessment event. 

At each step of the way coaches and players receive confirmation regarding the information they have submitted.  

  • Talent System Update - TA Player ID & Selection (3).pdf

Keep an eye on our social media

Twitter - @TBBTalentAca

Instagram - tbbhc_talent_academy

Facebook - Team Bath Buccaneers Talent Academy

Please see the image to the left for birth years into the England Age Group Squads.

It can also be found in the download below.

  • TA and EAG Age Group Examples.pdf

Please click on the link below to access the TA Player Agreement Information

  • TBBHC TA Player Agreement form 2023 2024.pdf

The TBB TA Policies and Procedures are in line with that of TBBHC, when signing up to teamo for the Talent Acadmey, guardians and players agree to abide by TBBHC (which incorporates the Talent Academy) T&Cs, consent to players photos to be used in conjunction with the TA, consent to reading the policies as set out in the registration form.


Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. All young people have the right to be safe and enjoy their Hockey

England Hockey's SafeGuard has been created to provide role-specific safeguarding information for all involved in hockey activity dependent on their role.  All young people have the right to be safe and enjoy their hockey. We all have a duty to safeguard and protect young people from harm. All hockey clubs/organisations must have policies and procedures in place to create a safe environment.

The Team Bath Buccaneers Talent Academy Safeguarding policies and procedures are in line with the TBBHC ones and for all inforamtion regarding this please visit the Safeguarding page.

Lisa Hamblin is the Welfare Officer for the Talent Academy and can contacted below:

Injury Reporting

The TBB Talent Academy have signed up with England Hockey's partners SportSmart. SportSmart allows clubs/coaches to log, assess and manage suspected hockey-related concussion incidents in line with government’s new sports concussion guidelines. An intuitive and highly secure platform.

It is imperative that parents/players do report any injuries that occur whilst taking part in TA activity. Please contact Jo McDermid to log any incidents.

Health & Safety Policy

  • TBB Health and Safety Policy.pdf

Further Information

For further detailed information please vising the Club Information Page on the website where you can find more information on varios aspects of delivering safe hockey, medical, coaching, umpiring, policies etc

TA Boys Team Page

TA Girls Team Page

Please click on the link below for all videos on youtube

Training Game v TBBHC 17th December 2023

Training 3rd November 2023

Talent Academy Festival July 2023

Nutrition Guides for Hockey Players

IDP Template

Bath TA RAMP Training Warm Up November 2023

  • Bath TA RAMP Training Warm Up EW November 2023.pdf

Bath TA Goalkeepers S&C Programme December 2023

  • Bath TA Goalkeepr S&C Programme EW Dec 2023.pdf

Tutorials for Using Veo

Basics of Veo Editor video player This article shows you the very basics of the Veo Editor, the video player where you can watch, analyse, and enjoy your games.

Adding highlights, tag players, and write comments in Veo This article shows you how to add your own highlights, tag players, and leave comments they can respond to.

How to download a highlight In this article, we will show you how to download individual highlights from your Veo recordings. 

Player PDSPro Guide

PDSPro Star Rating Guide

From the coach’s perspective, the stars are rated as below in conjunction with the RAG standards chart which will also help players understand where they need to be in their performance at TA:

1 Star             Red (Failing)

1.5 - 2.5 Stars Amber (Challenging)

3 - 4 Star        Green (Performing)

5 Star              Gold (Excelling)

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